For Your Information: The 2 Chihuahuas that scared Slugger when he was at his photo shoot.

OK, I was able to find the photos of the 2 Chihuahuas that were the reason for this look of TERROR from Slugger.

In Slugger’s defence, they did look a lot scarier when they were naked.

Don’t forget to vote for Slugger!  You don’t have to be an Arizona Resident to vote!

I couldn’t find the 2 evil dogs, (or was it a case of them just having evil people) the Mini Dobi and the Chihuahua that were picking on Slugger.  Perhaps they didn’t show up on film?

But I do have to give an honorable mention to a particularly happy fellow, maybe it is his face, maybe it is that he is a mutt, maybe I just like his name, but he is a cutie

Jameson Bernard Eisner

There is only one best dog in the world, we have all 12 of them.  How many do you have?

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