Franky the Favorite

By the time Franky presented himself  to us, we knew no one would be looking for him so no attempt was ever made to find his original people.  We also didn’t to try to rehome him either.

Actually, why would we try to send him elsewhere?  He was housebroken, quiet, his color blended with the background, and he was relatively small.  People always tell us “What’s one more?  You won’t even notice!”.  In Franky’s case,  that statement was true. But, there were not as many back then as there is now either.

Franky is a cuddle bug, and the all he ever asked for is someone to cuddle to, and of course, regular meals.   As far as the other kids, well, he needed a roof, the roof came with other dogs, ergo, he assimilated.  However, dogs outside the home, or dogs that came in after Franky…  he doth protest from time to time.  Franky is the beacon of order in the mass of chaos that is the rest of the pack.  He can be spontaneous as long as he can schedule it ahead of time.   I don’t think I have ever seen Franky play with a dog toy, but he is an expert with a tennis ball.

If you remember, I have said a few times that under the radar, low-key and no pressure are the trick to get under The Crabby Man’s skin.  Franky was and remains the master of those techniques and more.  Therefore, he moved to the top of the favorite chain, second to Maude, in short order, in The Crabby Man’s book.

Me, I rotate dogs that sleep on the people bed.  The Crazy Dog Man, he reaches for Franky almost every night.  Before Emmi moved in, only Franky and Maude ever got cuddle time with him on the couch.  Maude enjoyed a certain tone of voice when she was addressed by The Crabby Man.  I never heard him use it with any of the other kids…  until Franky.  I am not even sure if The Crabby Man has ever chastised Franky for anything… then again, I am not even sure Franky has ever done anything wrong.

The Crabby Man had to wear braces as a kid.  Maybe his affinity to Franky is dental related, maybe it is just that Franky is probably the most point and shoot dog that has ever walked through the door.  Whatever the case, Franky’s status as Most Respected Dog was almost immediate.

Let me give it to you metaphorically:  My truck – well, unless you have your shots, probably best not to get in it.   All seats but the driver’s seat are covered, and I think there is something living under the dashboard.  The Crabby Man’s vehicle:  put it this way:  I swear he irons the sun visor.  Until Franky, only Maude showed any indication of preferring  organization and adherence to rules.  I guess like attracts like.

Because Franky lives within the lines pretty much at all times, I am not sure there will be a lot of stories about him.  From deviants come stories.  Good dogs become favorites of The Crabby Man.   If you don’t hear about Mr. Franky that much, just know, it isn’t that he is any less loved than his brothers and sisters, it is just he prefers the background.

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