Vito the Protector

You know those people who really annoy you by preaching something while they themselves do exactly the opposite?  For example, a person that says not to judge a book by its cover yet they are the first to judge?  Well, apparently, I am one of those very people.

Vito came to us as a foster, and when he was handed over to me, I confess, I was disappointed.  We are relatively fun people!  We want fun fosters!  What about this says fun?

Not a darn thing!

What you are seeing is a foo foo that should  have his own wardrobe of clothing, painted nails, resting on a doily, with a name like Pookey.  This guy, all 8 pounds of him, wasn’t going to last a minute with the kids at the Ranch!  Fortunately, there are a lot of Grannies and Great Aunt Harriets that would be looking for a posh pup, so I figured we wouldn’t have him very long.

I took the little purse pet home and started to acclimate him to the other dogs, ready to jump in and rescue him at what I thought would be whimpers of disdain when he saw the uncivilized nature of the pack.

Wanna know what his first order of business was?  He pegged Sarah, the Pit Bull,  as the toughest of the pack and proceeded to attempt to remove her nose.  Poor Sarah, all 74 pounds of her, was defenseless.

Then he realized there was space to run – a whole half acre in which to stretch his legs.  The boy had quite a bit of pent-up energy.   He just wanted to run like the wind, which he did, longer than I ever thought a dog of his stature could.

Once inside the house, he was not the little lap dog I envisioned, not even close.  Elaboration will be for other Blog entries.

Turns out, the probable reason this little blonde, soft as a bunny creature found himself without a home is that he refused to comply with the stereotypical role dogs of his appearance are expected to live by.  He wasn’t a Pookey.  He was a scrapper!  Not only is he a scrapper, but a loyal one at that.  He didn’t know his living situation with us was supposed to be temporary, maybe if he had known it would have made a difference,  but once he moved in, he lived by the creed:   No one messes with the family.  NO ONE! Hence, the name Vito.

Given Vito’s highly protective nature, it’s no wonder he became personal bodyguard to the weakest link in the pack.   It’s not a case that Slugger isn’t the brightest bulb on the tree.  It is more like he was one of the bulbs that didn’t pass Quality Control at the factory, so he never made it to the tree to begin with.  At the time Vito came in to foster, Slugger was afraid of bunnies.  Fortunately, Vito, who was smaller than some of the bunnies, was there to protect Slugger from the long-eared demons.   But it didn’t stop there.

On their very first jaunt to Dog Park together, Vito ran off to play with the big dogs (note his preference!)  while Slugger hunkered behind me.  A bulldog, bigger than Slugger began picking on him.  At the first girly yip from Slugger, a tiny blonde blur came out of nowhere and proceeded to bloody the lip of the bulldog.  As I said NO ONE messes with the family! Not when Vito is around.

There have been other incidences where one of the other kids or I have been in mortal peril of some sort from an outside entity, and the *only* reason we survived our ordeals was because of Vito’s quick action.

We ended up keeping Vito, as if we needed another dog.  Thing is, no fun people who would let the little ganster be himself were interested in adopting him.  Only doily people contacted us.  Maybe it was just us not giving other people enough credit, but eventually we just convinced ourselves that while Vito could live anywhere, he could only be truly alive being himself with us. Maybe we needed Vito more than he needed us, but in the end, Vito isn’t complaining.

According to Vito, the most threatening of entities to us are lizards.. er, I mean dragons.  He will run through fire to chase one.  Though Vito believes he is faster than lightning, in reality, not so much.  It never occurred to us that he would actually catch a lizard.  Imagine our shock and surprise when he finally conquered one and brought it in the house.  Thankfully, that particular dragon was alive and unharmed.   He was fast  too when Vito dropped him on the floor, but not as fast as The Crabby Man who would have run right through the South Wall of the house had I not caught the lizard before it could do whatever it was The Crabby Man thought it was going to do.  (You think his reaction to a lizard is bad?  I should tell you some of the spider stories sometime!).  The lizard was released in the front yard, away from the danger of Vito, incidentally.

Vito is a tough little guy who I sincerely believe will defend his family to the death if it came to it.  But he is also very sweet and playful to anyone he encounters, K9 or human.

What you are about to see can NEVER get back to Vito.  If he finds out I posted a video of a weak moment (he really wanted up on the people bed) to the Internet, he may never forgive me!  The only reason Sarah was allowed to witness the pitiful display is that she knows what will happen to her if she says anything.  The only reason DASH! is permitted to live is that he was already forgetting what was occurring while it was going on.

In closing I leave you with this:  You want to give us trouble?  You have to get past our Chihuahua first!


3 thoughts on “Vito the Protector

  1. I adopted a tiny Chihuahua and while she was timid, she is now queen of the house and she runs like the wind. From three pounds to eight, from broken, coarse, dull hair to a full, shiny coat, she is now a beauty with intelligence unlimited and she has a loving, wild spirit.

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