Slugger’s First Beauty Pageant

As of the writing of this particular entry, I have not written Slugger’s bio.  The reason is, I don’t even know where to start.  An entire Blog could be dedicated to this loveable knucklehead.  Unfortunately, the photo shoot for the Arizona’s Favorite Dog contest was today, so, bio or no, you have to hear about Slugger’s first beauty pageant!

Slugger is known pretty well locally.  But for those of you from farther away; Slugger Rule #1:   A messy, stinky Slugger is a happy Slugger.    Any other kid I would have bathed last night.  Slugger, we cleaned up this morning,  stupid us, about an hour and a half  before we were scheduled to leave the house.  We did manage to keep him relatively clean by putting him up on the people bed.  Slugger has no idea how to get down from the people bed.

We arrived at the site early enough to get a place to sit under an umbrella.  It was pretty hot and muggy so shade was a good thing.  Unfortunately, there were some pretty scarey looking Chihuahuas at the next table, so Slugger needed a little reassurance.

Eventually, the scarey Chihuahuas moved on so he began to relax.

After a while we went up to register.  Slugger had to help.  But we were happy to get back in the shade.

Remember his number, 237, for when it is time to vote!

Just know there were not 236 other dogs ahead of us.  Forget Slugger, The Crabby Man wouldn’t have stayed for that!  We were actually about 8th in line when the photo shoot started.

The black table to the right is the last stop before the photographer.  So it really wasn’t too bad in the scheme of things.   Can you see Slugger looking over at his Dad?  He is about 1/4 way from the left.  You may have to click on the picture to enlarge it.

The Crabby Man took this next  one from the balcony of one of the shops.   What you see winding to the left is the part of the line he was able to get in the frame.  Yup, getting there a little early was a REALLY good idea!

But some of the dogs ahead of us were causing a few problems with the photographer, so we waited

and waited…

And waited…

See where Slugger is looking?

Let me give you a closer look at the objects of his distraction:

The Mini Dobi in the back was yapping constantly, and jumping up and down.  A couple of times she jumped on Slugger, and if he jumped or reacted in any way, the dog’s person gave Slugger the stink eye.  The Chihuahua in the front was being held by her daughter, which meant she was ALL OVER THE PLACE, including, but not limited to, tangling up Slugger’s leash.  Again with Slugger getting the stink eye.   We had nowhere to go to get away from them, and yet comments were made about how I should control Slugger.  (@%$@&!)

Page up and look at Slugger’s pics again…sitting or laying down, and HE is the unruly one?  None of my kids are allowed to act like those 2 little ones do, even at home.  But then again, perfect as my kids are, none of them ever act that way anyway!  Maybe the 2 misbehaving dogs were rebelling against being made to go out in public in ridiculous dresses in the heat and humidity…

We finally made it to the treat table, and Slugger was pretty happy about that..

Until he found out they were healthy treats.  No self-respecting Slugger would eat healthy treats!

Then we were on deck for the photographer, and FINALLY away from those 2 little annoying dogs in dresses.

Oops! Spoke too soon, one of the annoying dogs made her way over again… BAD SLUGGER!

Slugger just wanted her to GO AWAY!

A side note here:  I am very proud of The Crabby Man for not coming over and having words with the lady and her daughter over allowing their dogs to harass Slugger.  Perhaps it was because there were too many witnesses….

At last we made it to the Photographer.  Slugger posed for his mug shot with his number…

And then the contest picture was taken.  Total time in front of the photographer:  Maybe about 30 seconds.

Despite his mental challenges, Slugger is a very good boy.  He posed and held position pretty much on his own.  The Crabby Man, standing behind the photographer, says the final picture should be awesome!

After his pageant duties, we took Slugger down to the fountain to play in the water.  He had had to stay clean for, gasp!, 3 hours, after all!  We knew he was just busting to find a mud puddle somewhere.  Unfortunately, there were a bunch of kids there, and a “No Dogs Allowed” sign prominently posted.

Slugger would have had so much fun in the fountain, poor guy.  To make it up to him, we stopped to get him a Jumbo Beef Jerkey to hold him over until we could get to a drive through to get him a burger.  It was a very stressful hour and a half for Slugger, after all.  Add on the fact that by this time, he had been clean for almost 3 1/2 hours…he needed some kind of reward.

Upon returning to the Ranch, Slugger wasted no time in jumping in the pool, snorkeling a little, then muddying up his big, fat, flipper, clown feet in the yard before going inside to leave his big, flat, flipper clown feet prints on the floors that were cleaned before we left.

Since that time, he has been comatose on a dog bed, near an AC vent.  Been a rough few hours for the Slug Nut.  Will he ever recover?

I will be posting the link to vote for Arizona’s Favorite Dog as soon as it becomes available.  Doesn’t matter if anyone else thinks he is the favorite,,  we already know…  but golly that $200 gift certificate to the winner will buy a lot of dog food!


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