Mr. Mortimer

Mortimer just showed up one morning.  I tried.  I mean I REALLY tried to let someone else deal with him.  But like the other Fate Dogs (Fate dropped them on our doorstep and refused to let them go anywhere else, EVER), Morty remains.

Initially afraid of the little dogs, Morty, as with every Fate Dog before him,  became a perfect fit with the rest of the kids, despite the fact he towers over them.  It is kind of like he has always been here.  Well, not exactly – his desperate need to wake up at freakishly early hours and roust all the kids for a K9 Flash Mob is definitely a new experience…. and let me tell you, it is special!

Willy was initially supposed to be Slugger’s puppy.  We thought it would teach Slugger responsibility, or at least the ability to think.  Turns out, Willy wanted to be his own dog.  Enter Morty.

When push comes to shove, here is the real question:  Is Morty the Fate Dog of The Crazy Dog Lady and The Crabby Man?  Or is he the Fate Dog of Slugger?  The two are inseparable .  They give new definition to the phrase “Soul Mutts”.

Morty, oddly enough, is smart.  A rare trait for the boys in this house.  He actually thinks, problem solves, and has figured out how to pull the strings of both me  and The Crabby Man equally.

For his Mom, he is cuddly, likes to give and receive hugs, and has a “Pity Me” face that gets him anything he wants.  For The Crabby Man, he is good on the trail, will scale sheer rock faces, is large enough to carry his own backpack, and at home, rather than giving full body greetings, he only gives an occasional “Hey”.  Less is more, unless of course you are Maude or Emmi, when dealing with The Crabby Man.  Morty has discovered how to get attention from The Crabby Man without it appearing to be Morty’s idea.

A partial “Pity Me” face

After Willy came in, I said the barn door was slammed shut, nailed, barred, and had a 12 inch solid steel plate installed.   Didn’t do us any good because Morty just jumped the fence.

The reinforcements remain on the door.  We have also reinforced the fence.  So unless there is an even larger or smarter dog that can find a weak spot in our defences, Morty is the last.  PLEASE send positive thoughts into the wind that Morty is the last!

4 thoughts on “Mr. Mortimer

  1. It only seemed appropriate… Soul Mutts to the end, though they are quite the mis-matched pair. You will be seeing a lot of video of their antics.

  2. Morty looks very sweet, indeed. I totally get the 12 dogs thing. If my wife and I had a larger place, we’d probably have 12 dogs, too (or more). I know you wrote that you’d rather not have 12 dogs, but keep doing what you’re doing…your kids have a great home and in the end, that’s what’s important.

    By the way, I love the name Run a Muck Ranch; it’s the perfect name.

    ~ Jim

    1. Thank you for your kind words Jim! The trouble with an even dozen is the guilt. Every night I go to bed, I wonder if the kids got enough attention and/or felt loved that day. In the case of our Gracie, the one who never asks for anything, I worry all the time. Is it more fun than not living with a doggie dozen? Yes. Do I feel as if I am a good enough mom? More often than not, No. I figure as long as I keep worrying about it, it will at least make a bad day an ‘adequate’ day on the Mommy scale 🙂

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