For the Ladies Only…..

Let’s be honest:  Firemen, by definition are Hot!  But a fireman, resuscitating a puppy is Smoking Hot!!!  Do I not speak the truth Ladies?



So with that as our measuring stick, let us proceed:

A while back, George Clooney was all the buzz when he adopted a dog.  Apparently he was searching a rescue website, saw a video of a dog he liked, made contact, the rescue brought the dog to his house, George plays a whimsical trick to make the dog like him, and presto!  George Clooney is Hot for adopting a rescue dog.  A professional photographer takes a touching “candid” picture of the two and the world swoons.

Let me tell you another story:

Phoenix, Arizona’s John Holmberg, DJ of 98 KUPD’s Morning Sickness was driving in the vicinity of the Maricopa County Animal Care and Control east side location one night when he saw a less than human tying a dog to the fence outside the shelter.  John takes the dog home.

Please do not misunderstand me here!  Any dog adopted is a victory, but we really have to put things into prospective:

George Clooney, thank you for adopting,  but I don’t understand the reason for all the Kudos to you.  I mean, really, in the scheme of things, the most effort you put out over your adoption was to rub meatballs on your feet to make Einstein like you. Einstein who was fully vetted, groomed and evaluated before you even saw his picture. His picture that you chose him from.  OK, so it was actually a video, but still…  Ultimately, good for you both, but really not Hot.

John Holmberg on the other hand, pulled over his car, when he could have continued driving as most of the population would have, because he saw a helpless dog in trouble.  He probably didn’t even consider whether the dog, Frank, incidentally, was carrying the plague, housebroken or had other negatives attached.  He only saw a dog that needed help.  Not only did he help,  but Frank is now a permanent Holmberg.  We are talking  Hot like a fireman here!  Maybe not as Hot as a Fireman resuscitating a puppy,  but Hot just the same.

Thank you John for what you did and may Frank give you nothing but fun, laughter and stories to tell.

Frank, Rescued in every sense of the word by John Holmberg

Please be sure to listen to John Holmberg’s Morning Sickness on 98 KUPD Monday through Friday, 5:30am to 10ish.  Visit the station on the web at

PS:  A message to The Crabby Man in case he reads this:  Hon, you are Hotter than a Fireman resuscitating a litter of blind, orphaned, puppies, while calming a box of deaf, orphaned kittens, simultaneously.  Honest!


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