Sweet William

Willy actually shares the same status as our Maude and Angus.  We wanted him before he came to live with us.  If you happened to read the Introduction post, you will remember I mentioned 1 irrational, deliberate dog.  That would be Willy.

Willy came to us just after midnight at Sky Harbor Airport, on May 11, 2012, the 16th Wedding Anniversary of The Crazy Dog Lady and The Crabby Man.  There was another family waiting for a dog at the same time.  The Mom of the family told me they were waiting on an Australian Shepard coming in from Georgia, and asked what kind of dog we were ‘getting’.  I proudly proclaimed “A Mutt!”.

This is Willy and his Dad shortly after we busted him out of his travel crate.

Isn’t he a hottie?  Willy is pretty cute too.

There were some locals, including the rescue we gave Willy’s travel crate to, who gave us a little flack for adopting international when there are so many dogs needing homes here.  To that my response was this:  We have 8 reasons waiting for us at home that say we earned the right to go a little Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie.

If you are doing the math and it doesn’t seem to add up, let me clarify:  Maude and Angus, like Willy were deliberate, so they don’t ‘count’, but the other 8 (Morty wasn’t here yet) we stepped up for.  3 were e-listed at the Pound, the other 5 never made it to the pound to begin with.  And we aren’t even counting the strays and fosters that darkened our doorway through the years.  Yup, I think we have permission to adopt international once.

Back to Sweet William:

He has the most beautiful doe eyes that he breaks out just to get The Crazy Dog Lady to jump through hoops for him.  He is a natural long-haired kid, who sheds enough for 10 dogs, ergo, he got shaved.  He doesn’t know it yet, but he is going to get zapped one more time before the summer is out.

As of the writing of this Bio, he hasn’t been with us 3 full months, so nothing I write today will be accurate a year from now, well, except for the fact that he REALLY loves his Mom (Isn’t that the important thing anyway?).  He is a bit of a problem child, and you will be reading a lot about his transition from what he was to becoming an American Hillbilly.

Until then, please enjoy his video. OK, so my familiarity with world maps is not very good, but you will just have to deal with it!  Just so you know, we were originally going to call ourselves Kamp Run A Muck, then I learned that particular name has been done to death, so we changed it.  Also, I apologize in advance for the crudeness of the video, but I am getting better!

Only 9 more bios to go!


11 thoughts on “Sweet William

  1. I like William, but then I like all of your kids and I am liking them more the more I learn about them. As for having mum wrapped around his paw – what else is new :o) ?

    1. Actually, after the first couple weeks, the ‘nervous dog’ syndrome wore off and the grumpy dog introduced himself. Nearly a year later and we found out his moodiness was linked to a pre-existing tooth issue.

      1. Yeah I remembered you described him as grumpy… but he looked happy in the video… so it was an initial thing … so I guess he is back to being the silly happy dog in the video now?

      2. More like a relaxed, comfortable with himself and his surroundings, and yet oh so manipulative, silly now. No longer “I don’t know you, I’m going to over act so you don’t hurt me” silly.

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