Meet Gracie!

Gracie is the only kid The Crabby Man is absolutely, directly and solely responsible for.  While he claims to be dead inside, Gracie can personally testify that he can’t feel anything because he is actually full of mushyness.

Nearest we can figure, a Muppet and a dog got together, and the resulting offspring hooked up with a goat, producing Gracie.  She is not the most attractive of creatures, but she is smarter than most people, The Crazy Dog Lady and The Crabby Man included.

Like the other Fate Dogs, Gracie followed the Star and though she didn’t actually make it to K9 Wonderland under her own power, she did make her presence known on a dark, lonely road when The Crabby Man was driving by, thereby catching a ride for the last part of her journey.

While we did, at least kind of, try to rehome Gracie, her appearance was her downfall.  If she was Muppet/Goat/Dog in a cute/ugly sense, perhaps she would have gotten some interest.  But the only ‘cute’ we can ever get is in photographs of her face, which makes her look better than in real life.  In person, her choppy gait,  sandpaper paws, and her very Un-Barbie physique was quite the turnoff to those who came to see her based on her pictures.

We didn’t actually give Gracie the promise of permanent life at the Ranch either.  Just happened several months after she darkened our doorway, we noticed she was still here.  At that point, well, she as already here….

As second Senior Lady – with seniority based on length of time living at the Ranch, Gracie is next in line to the throne after Queen Maude.   Thing about Gracie is, we think she would gladly pass on her rank to Sarah because Gracie has no illusions of grandeur.  She is just happy to be living in the castle…

Actually, there is one entity at the Ranch that Gracie does assert power over, and that would be Angus.  Gracie came in, unspayed and in heat, when Angus was not neutered.  Though an incredible flirt with a vast fan club of females of virtually every species, Angus was always a gentleman.  However, bring a street urchin, in heat, inside his home, and that was too much of a temptation to resist.  Please know both Gracie and Angus got their respective surgeries immediately and no puppies resulted.   You don’t see much of Angus and Gracie together in a video because Gracie is always humping him to make sure he knows who’s boss.

In case you haven’t noticed, Gracie is supposed to be absolutely, pure, solid white.  I have to tell you, that color + horse property + a whole heaping of active dogs does not equal a white dog.   We did attempt to  keep her clean, but our efforts were futile.  You will see her in colors ranging from ecru to mud brown.  Despite her shading at any particular time, she is still our Gracie.

Bummer you will find about Gracie is she likes to fly under the radar.  She never does anything (other than humping Angus) to draw attention to herself.  As I write this bio, I can’t think of a single instance where Gracie did anything noteworthy at all.  I think the most you will hear or see of Gracie are statements that she accompanied part of the pack somewhere, or a blip in a video of one of the other kids.  Please know this does not mean she is not loved as much as the rest!

Blessed are the low key dogs in a house full of wild things!  Of all the kids, I think Gracie is the one I appreciate most.


3 thoughts on “Meet Gracie!

    1. I almost mentioned you in the post… of all the comments, only you have mentioned Gracie as a favorite by name – on more than one occasion 🙂

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