A Letter to Aunt Robby from Mortimer

For those who don’t know, The Crazy Dog Lady is in the business of landscape maintenance.  We aren’t talking sitting in a truck barking orders here, we are talking an army of 1.  I am my own boss and my only laborer.

As a laborer, I tell my boss she is pretty tough to work for.  As a boss, I tell my laborer to shut up and work.  But I digress…

Last week, when doing a service on a property, my client learned of our latest Fate Dog,  Morty, who wandered in Memorial Day weekend.  She has been with me for years, so she pretty much knows the score.  To say she is not surprised about Morty is an understatement.

Before leaving for the day, my client approached me and handed me some money.  She said that her birthday was next week, she would be XX (not polite to say!)  years old, and was giving me her age in dollars to go shopping for the dogs.

The following video is a Thank You to a wonderful lady.  Enjoy!

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