Your Introduction to DASH!

My DASH! is a unique little creature.  Nothing about him doesn’t shout out, ergo, his name is deliberately capitalized, bolded, italicized, and followed with an exclamation point, all in enlarged font.

DASH! is a used dog, thrown away by someone who really should have their head examined.  Funny looks, great personality and silly quirks all in a compact little package with virtually no vices.  Unlike the other Fate Dogs (you will have to wait to find out what I mean by that) that have blessed us with their presence, it was love at first site all around, and an attempt at rehoming was never a consideration.

How DASH! found us is a bit of a mystery, but The Crabby Man would have you believe that after he was thrown away,  DASH! set out following a Mythical  Star that was whispered among dogs to shine above a magical play land.  That star apparently shines above our house.

DASH! has a freakishly large clown head for his body, a body which is kinda long, and with stumpy little legs.  His rib cage, like his head, was made for a larger dog and his face is one of an older dog.   Somehow the package works.   His mind, well, it seems to have peaked when he was in the womb.

There is a computer program out that will ‘cartoonize’ photographs.  Not necessary for DASH!  He is a living cartoon.  If we used that computer program on him, he would come out looking like a real dog.

Living up to his name, DASH! is a mover.  He loves to run because he can. Don’t you agree?

Unfortunately we got the camcorder mere days before we reached and stayed in the triple digit temperatures.  We can’t let  DASH! do his thing now.  Way too hot.  Lots more video to follow when it cools down.

DASH!‘s motto is, “Why walk when you can run, and if you are going to run, run reeeaaaaalllllyyyyy fast!”  He can go from zero to the speed of sound in less than a second.  Unfortunately, sometimes the front legs are moving at warp 8 while the back legs are going at warp 10, and the end result isn’t very pretty, especially when he is running down hill.

We call the steep washes on the desert “half pipes” for the way he blasts up one side, then the other, with intermittent horizontal runs on vertical walls where velocity is the only thing keeping him from falling to the bottom.  Hills exist for the sole purpose of running up, the steeper the better.  In short, DASH! lives to, well,  dash.

Maybe during one of his sprints early in life, he ran into a wall and sustained a brain injury.  Maybe too much wind in his ears dried up part of his brain which then blew out as dust in the wind.  Whatever the case, though he is fast in motion, he is very slow of mind.  What he lacks mentally he more than makes up in his sheer love of life, and of course, his absolute love for his Mom (that would be me! 🙂 ).

If I were asked what the single most important thing  DASH! has taught us, it would be this:    The best ‘finds’ in things people throw away aren’t antiques that can make you rich at auction.   The best treasures from trash are silly dogs that give you the gift of laughter every single day.

You will be hearing and seeing a lot of my  DASH! as this Blog progresses. Problem is, there is no real way to put into words the essence that is DASH!.  Still, it is my hope that hearing stories about this little guy will bring at least a fraction of the smiles to you that just being around him brings to us.

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