Happy Home-aversary to Maude! and An Explanation.

14 years ago, on December 15, 1999, Maude became Queen of Run A Muck Ranch.



I had picked her from a litter when she was a week or less old, paid my $25 and visited her every week until I brought her home.

I don’t remember how many brothers and sisters Maude had, but there were a bunch.  Then came the week, when she was barely 4 weeks old, there were only 2.


The ‘person’ who had Maude’s mother went away for the weekend and decided it would be a peachy keen idea to leave mom and her nursing puppies outside,  in the desert, while he was gone.   That mom or puppies could fall prey to coyotes, raptors or other predators, or frozen in the cold nights when left unprotected, never crossed his mind.




For those of you who have been scratching your heads over how it was  I could take Maude from her mom when she was only 4 weeks old, now you know.   The poor excuse for a human who had Maude’s mom couldn’t be trusted to take care of the mom – a very small Australian Shepard, what guarantee would there be he would take care of Maude until she was ready to wean?

I hope by now you realize that despite taking Maude way too soon from her mom, she ended up in a pretty OK place.




We love our Maude so very much and are so proud to call her family.

Happy Home-aversary Maude!


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16 thoughts on “Happy Home-aversary to Maude! and An Explanation.

  1. I don’t think pups should be taken from their Mom until about 16 weeks. They learn so much from Mom. In this case, it is justified but the pup needs a lot of attention and discipline that Mom would have given it. Just one non-Mom’s opinion.

    • In Maude’s case, if I didn’t take her, she probably wouldn’t have made it the minimum 8 weeks. The holidays were coming up and the guy was leaving again. I offered to take Mom, Maude and her surviving sibling when he was away, but he said they would be fine. Ergo, demanded my kid right then and there.

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